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LCB Holds Annual Meeting and Elects New Board Members and Officers

Mark Lillianfeld Beth Purkhiser
Mark Lillianfeld receives the Volunteer of the Year Award (left), and Beth Purkhiser receives the Volunteer of the Year Award (right).

Linda Jeffries Brenda Hohman
President Joe Newlin presents Linda Jeffries with the President's Award (left), and gives a special gift to Brenda Hohman (right).

The Lafayette Citizens Band held its Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 20, at the John Philip Sousa House, courtesy of Al and Gladys Wright. New board members Jim Bertucci, Connie Bumbleberg, Harriet Coppoc, Tyler Eddy, Krista Steinmetz and Kaitlin Wright were elected, and Paula Jones was elected to a second three-year term. New officers were also elected: Keith Adams (President) and Harriet Coppoc (Secretary). Outgoing members Ishbah Cox, Lewis Day, Wesley Love and outgoing officers Joe Newlin and Linda Jeffries were thanked for their service.

Also, it was announced that Brenda Hohman is leaving her position as Executive Director, after seven years. She was thanked by the President and all members present for her many years of service to the band.

Labor Day Concert Brings 2015 Season to a Close

LCB Board President Joe Newlin, Sharon Dull with the North Central Indiana Spay/Neuter Clinic, and
Margaret from Almost Home Humane Society in Lafayette take turns talking with the Labor Day concert audience.

The audience and the band, including the bassoon and percussion sections.

Roy Johnson, retiring voice of the Purdue All-American Marching Band, narrating "Duty, Honor, Country".
Also, LCB Executive Director Brenda Hohman and Musical Director Bill Kisinger.

Families (left and right) joining in the concert fun, while the audience (center) sings along with "Hail, Purdue!"

Veterans of the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force stand as the band plays their service songs in the "Armed Forces Salute".
(Pictures by Kris Kazmierczak)

On a beautiful evening (a little warm, but with a breeze), the Lafayette Citizens Band ended its 2015 concert season. Representatives from North Central Indiana Spay/Neuter and Almost Home spoke to the audience, and the concert got underway. The season finale Labor Day concert included the "Armed Forces Salute", which honored our veterans, as did "Duty, Honor, Country", narrated by Roy Johnson. The program also included some music to help prepare us for the end of summer and the beginning of fall, like the football "Fight Song Medley", "Yosemite Autumn" by Mark Camphouse, and a few classics like "Poet and Peasant Overture" by Franz von Suppe and a Warren Barker arrangement of "Gershwin!". You can see the complete Labor Day concert program here.

Big Swing Band Entertains the LCB Crowd

The Big Swing Band entertained on Thursday evening, August 6.
Jeff Goodspeed played keyboards, and Jim and Betty Finch danced to the music.

The band featured vocal soloists Caitlin Benner on "Whatever Lola Wants", Dustin Hopkins on
"Come Fly with Me", and trombonist Patrick Swisher on "Autumn Leaves".

Saxophonist Andy Howard and trumpeter Mark Phillips were soloists in "Moten Swing",
as the audience enjoyed the last concert before Labor Day.
(Pictures by Kris Kazmierczak)

On Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, the Big Swing Band entertained the Lafayette Citizens Band audience at Riehle Plaza. The Big Swing Band is a full 16-piece swing band, plus two singers (Dustin Hopkins and Caitlin Benner), who do all the jazz classics and pop standards. Thursday's program included "It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing", "Come Fly with Me", "They Can't Take that Away from Me", "Chattanooga Choo-Choo", "In the Mood", and many more. You can see the complete Big Swing Band program here (Firefox users, you may have to save the file before opening it).

You might also want to take a look at the Big Swing Band personnel list.

The next and last concert of the 2015 season is on Monday, September 7 (Labor Day). NOTE: The Labor Day concert starts at 7:00 pm.

It Was a "Carnival" at Thursday Night's LCB Concert

The audience enjoyed Bill Kisinger's solo and Matt Conaway's bongos on "Carnival in Rio" on July 30.

The bass clarinet accompanying "Carnival in Rio", and Jeff Parthun accompanying Dustin Hopkins in "Ain't That a Kick in the Head".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The Lafayette Citizens Band concert on Thursday night (July 30) featured "Carnival in Rio" by Howey Smith, which included a euphonium solo by Music Director Bill Kisinger. Bill's arrangement of "Michel Legrand in Concert" was also featured on the program.

Also on the concert was Franz von Suppe's "Poet and Peasant" overture, the "Lincolnshire Posey" by Percy Grainger, and two marches, the "Gloria" march by F. H. Losey and the "Southerner March" by Russell Alexander.

Vocalist Dustin Hopkins was featured in two numbers, James van Heusen's "Ain't that a Kick in the Head", and the Frank Sinatra hit, "The Summer Wind". There were more numbers on the concert, too. You can see the complete "Carnival" program here.

The British Have Landed (at Riehle Plaza)!

The music store Quinlan and Fabish, including Caitlin Benner, handed out cookies and water before and during the concert.

The audience enjoyed the "British Invasion" concert under perfect weather.

Musical Director Bill Kisinger conducted the band in a variety of British numbers.

One non-British number was "Minimalist Dances", composed by tympani player Matt Conaway, featuring lots of percussion.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

No, this was not a tribute to the Beatles, but if you came, you heard some of the finest concert band music from the mother country at the Lafayette Citizens Band's concert, titled "British Invasion", on Thursday evening, July 23.

Leading off was Gustav Holst's "Moorside March", the first of two Holst numbers in this program. William Walton's "Crown Imperial" was written for the coronation of King George VI (the subject of the movie "The King's Speech") in 1937. It was also played at the coronation of his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1952. (By the way, in September, Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest-reigning monarch in British history, taking over from Queen Victoria who ruled for 63 years, 216 days.) "Crown Imperial" was also performed at the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.

Ralph Vaughan Williams' "Fantasia on Greensleeves" was next, followed by the "Colonel Bogey" march, featured in the film "The Bridge over the River Kwai". Its British composer was born Frederick Ricketts, but used the pen name Kenneth Alford.

We did have a piece that was not by a British composer, but by our own Matt Conaway, titled "Minimalist Dances". Music Director Bill Kisinger explained how this number relates to the genre of minimalist art. Then, Gustav Holst returned with the "First Suite in Eb for Military Band". Like much of Holst's music, it is filled with English folk tunes. The piece is in three movements: Chaconne, Intermezzo, and March.

All right, maybe the next one was not from England, either. "House of Horrors" is subtitled "A Medley of Spooky Music", and features themes by Bach, Gounod, Mussorgsky and Chopin: could you name all the tunes, or the programs they were featured in? And wrapping up the program was one of England's most famous composers of musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber, with music from Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats and The Phantom of the Opera. You can see the complete "British Invasion" program here.

Thanks to all who came!

Popcorn, Music and "The Universal Judgment"

The Lions Club served popcorn. Everyone wanted some, from little girls to little dogs.

Left and right: Lions Club President Bob Goldberg talked to the audience and LCB Vice President Keith Adams.
Center: Families are always welcome at Lafayette Citizens Band concerts.

The brass, low woodwinds and euphonium sections of the band.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Members of the Lions Club served popcorn on a beautiful Thursday evening, July 16, while the band played a concert titled "Universal Judgment". The title number was composed by Camille de Nardis, a director of the Conservatory in Naples, Italy, in the 1870s. The piece depicted the blessed and the damned, angels and demons, and heaven and hell. The concert was full of challenging numbers, beginning with Karl King's circus march, "Barnum and Bailey's Favorite". Post-"Judgment", the band played a march paraphrase of a familiar theme from Puccini's opera La Boheme, known as "Musetta's Waltz Song". Samuel Scheidt's "Canzona Bergamasca" represented the early baroque period, very contrapuntal and fugue-like.

The band lightened up a little with Leroy Anderson's "Serenata", followed by a 20th-century classic, the Berceuse and Finale from Igor Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite". And in "On the Mall" by Edwin Franko Goldman, you sang and whistled along with the band members!

Although it was not Talk Like a Pirate Day, the band may have put you in the mood for it with "Swashbucklers", a collection of tunes from famous pirate movies like the Errol Flynn classic "Robin Hood". The concert wrapped up with "Swing the Mood", tracing the evolution of swing music in the 1940s into the rock and roll era of thd 1950s. You can see the complete "Universal Judgment" program here.

Thanks for coming!

We are in need of board members to fill several vacancies. The board meets monthly on the second Monday of the month in the evening except no meeting in November and December. If interested, please contact Brenda Hohman at and she will give you more information and an application form. All are welcome. Please come and help the band by serving on the board of directors!! It is a fun and rewarding volunteer job serving a great community treasure, the Lafayette Citizens Band.

Lafayette Citizens Band Goes West

The theme of Thursday evening's concert (July 9) was "Songs of the West". The clouds threatened rain, and occasionally dropped a few sprinkles, but not enough to stop or slow down the musical wagon train that was the Lafayette Citizens Band.

Young and old alike immediately recognized the opening number, the Finale from the "William Tell Overture" by Rossini, but better known as the theme for "The Lone Ranger". Franz von Suppe, also well-known for his overtures, contributed the "Beautiful Galatea Overture", followed by W. Paris Chambers's "Hostrausers March".

The Wild West came to life with our remaining numbers: "Saddle Up" by Clifton James Jones, "Silverado" by Bruce Broughton, and a not-so-well-known march by John Philip Sousa, the "New Mexico March". A piece with elements of jazz, rock and funk was next, "See Rock City" by Brant Karrick. A collection of American folk tunes by Clare Grundman followed, "American Folk Rhapsody No. 3", and the program closed with music from the classic movie, "How the West Was Won", arranged by Robert Hawkins. You can see the complete "Songs of the West" program here.

Our next concert is next Thursday, July 16, at 7:30. All concerts are free and open to the public.

Stars and Stripes Celebration Was Spectacular!

The audience gathered early, and the Purdue Jazz Band under Mo Trout led off the show at 7:00.

The Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corps provided sight and sound at 7:45.

Bill Kisinger directed the LCB at 8:00, featuring Joel Benson, and the "Lassus" trombones.

Dustin Hopkins sang with the band, while the children played, and so did Pam Nave's percussion section.

John Satterfield led the Freedom Singers, and the audience joined in for "God Bless the USA".

100-year-old veteran Philip Gelvin was recognized by city and county officials, who in turn, thanked our corporate sponsors.

Eric Van Cleave led the Indiana All Star Show Choir at 9:00, made up of students from several area high schools.

The LCB closed the program with the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and the "1812 Overture", and a great fireworks show ended the evening.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

The Lafayette Citizens Band played a spectacular star-spangled concert on Saturday night, July 4 at Slayter Center.

The Purdue Jazz Band, Mo Trout directing, took the Slayter Center stage at 7:00 pm, followed by the Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps at 7:45. The Lafayette Citizens Band concert started at 8:00. The LCB, led by Bill Kisinger, was joined by The Freedom Singers, which was directed by John Satterfield.

The opening hour of the concert included "The Star-Spangled Banner", "Rise of the Firebird" by Steven Reineke, the "American Patriotic Medley" arranged by Bill Kisinger, and the highly-recognizable "National Emblem March" by E.E. Bagley. Joel Benson sang with the band on Henry Mancini's "It Had Better Be Tonight". The trombone section was featured in Henry Fillmore's "Lassus Trombone". Then, our second vocalist of the evening, Dustin Hopkins, sang the Frank Sinatra tune "Ain't That a Kick In the Head", written by Jimmy Van Heusen. A novelty number was next, "William Tell's Canned Overture", featuring Pam Nave and the percussion section. Jerry Goldsmith's "Patton March".

Our third vocalist of the night, John Satterfield, sang Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA", followed by the "Armed Forces Salute", during which we asked veterans of all service branches to stand when their song is played. What concert at Slayter Center would be complete without "Hail Purdue"? Harold Walters' "Mr. USA" was next (a medley of George M. Cohan tunes, and then we had a medley of tunes by Old Blue Eyes, titled "Sinatra! (100 Years)". The first hour of the concert closed with John Phiilip Sousa's "The Stars and Stripes Forever".

At 9:00, Eric Van Cleave directed the Indiana All-Star Show Choir, and the Lafayette Citizens Band returned at 9:15. The second part of the concert featured "John Williams: The Symphonic Marches", a Bill Kisinger arrangement titled "Bossa Nova Fantasy", and John Wasson's "Curtain Call". Warren Barker's arrangement "Hooray for Hollywood" was next, and then The Freedom Singers returned with John Satterfield conducting "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". To close the concert, Bill Kisinger directed Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture". The fireworks display started about 10:10 pm. You can see the complete "Stars and Stripes Celebration" program here.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate the Fourth of July with the Lafayette Citizens Band!


A big thanks to all of you who donated to the Lafayette Citizens Band during the time that the Greater Lafayette Community Foundation (GLCF) was matching donations at 50%. The band received about $3000 from GLCF, thanks to your donations!

PLEASE NOTE that matching funds are no longer available from GLCF, so we ask that you make your tax-deductible donation directly to the Lafayette Citizens Band. Please send your check to the Band office, 216 N. 4th Street, Suite 201, Lafayette, 47901.

Bill Kisinger on WBAA

Hear Musical Director Bill Kisinger talk with WBAA's Greg Kostraba on the WBAA website.

Rest in Peace, Bill Taylor

We are saddened to report the passing of Bill Taylor in Brownsburg, Texas, on April 29. His obituary can be found on the Journal and Courier website).

Bill first played with the Lafayette Citizens Band in 1939, while he was still a student at Monticello High School. He served as a glider pilot in World War II, participating in the Battle of the Bulge, and married Frances (Babe) Bowman in 1945. In 1952, he resumed playing with the Lafayette Citizens Band, in which he played continuously until 2010. Bill was also the Principal of Edglea Elementary School in Lafayette from 1962 to 1985.

Bill served as the President of the Lafayette Citizens Band's Board of Directors, and oversaw the selection of Bill Kisinger as Musical Director in 1989. Bill Kisinger continues to serve in that position.

Bill had a tremendous love for people and for music, and had a wonderful sense of humor. One saying of his is quoted often during the LCB concert season, and that is, "It never rains on a good band."

Rest in peace, Bill. We will miss you.

(by Paul Addison; photo obtained from Bill's obituary)

Read Our Winter Newsletter!

Click on the image at the left, or here, to read our Winter 2014 newsletter, featuring our percussion section leader Pam Nave, a message from our President Joe Newlin, and Brenda Hohman's Executive Director Corner. Good reading to help you through the winter as we wait for the 2015 season!

Jay Gephart Named Artistic Director of Kokomo Park Band

The Lafayette Citizens Band offers its congratulations to Jay Gephart, Director of Bands at Purdue University, on his appointment as Artistic Director of the Kokomo Park Band. Jay has played with the LCB and guest-conducted the band on numerous occasions.

The position at the Kokomo Park Band became vacant with the passing of Steve Rhodes, who passed away on March 16. Steve Rhodes had also conducted the LCB many times, and was the director of the LCB's Vintage Brass at one time. We reported on Steve's death in the article below.

There is an article about Jay's appointment on the Kokomo Park Band website.

A number of players in the Lafayette Citizens Band also play in the Kokomo Park Band. We know the future of the Kokomo Band is in good hands with Jay.

The Lafayette Citizens Band Board of Directors, 2014:
Front Row: Beth Purkhiser, Bailey Hertweck, Wesley Love, Sheila Klinker, Linda Jeffries.
Back Row: Bob Modlin, Tom Schmidt, Rod Ray, Joe Newlin, Bob DeBonte. (Missing: Brian Dalder)

Shop on Amazon and Support the Band!

You can support LCB by going to and selecting LCB as your charity. One-half of one percent (.5%) of all your Amazon purchases will come directly to the band.

You can also send a direct donation to the band office, 216 N. 4th St., Ste. 201, Lafayette, IN 47901. All direct donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Help Us Ensure a Secure Future

The Lafayette Citizens Band has set up an endowment fund with the Greater Lafayette Community Foundation to ensure our security for the future. Endowment funds are intended to be long term investment accounts and once the fund is large enough, we will draw the interest for operating expenses. If you would like to donate to our annual fund for operating expenses send a donation check to our office at 216 N. 4th Street, Suite 201, Lafayette, IN 47901. If you would like to donate to our longterm future through the endowment fund, then follow the link below and donate online through PayPal or credit card at the Greater Lafayette Community Foundation website. Thank you.

Follow this link!

YouTube Videos of the Lafayette Citizens Band

Here are three YouTube videos of the LCB.

These performances are from the LCB's 2010 season opening concert in Long Center on May 20, 2010. The excellent videography is by Kerry England, Hornkraft Productions.

"Hoagy Carmichael in Concert": This medley of Indiana composer Hoagy Carmichael's tunes was commissioned for the LCB's 150th anniversary concert in 1992 from Warren Barker, and premiered at that concert.

"Esprit de Corps":, by Robert Jager. This piece is a fantasy on the Marine Corps hymn.

"George Washington Bicentennial March": This John Philip Sousa march was written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth, and was the last march Sousa composed before his death in 1932.


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