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Lafayette Citizens Band
2016 Photo Gallery

Labor Day Concert Commemorates Indiana's 200th Birthday

Bill Kisinger Audience at Labor Day Concert
Bill Kisinger conducts the band celebrating Indiana's Bicentennial.

The Lafayette Citizens Band Pamela and Andrew Landrum
The Labor Day concert was enjoyed by Pamela and Andrew Landrum.

The Audience at the Indiana Bicentennial Concert The Band with the Courthouse in the Background
The band played music by Indiana composers and music about Indiana, with the Tippecanoe County
Courthouse, which is having its dome refinished, in the background.

Bruce Knepper A Large Audience for the Season Finale Concert
Bruce Knepper solos with the band in front of one of the season's largest audiences.
(Photos by Paul Addison)

Big Swing Band Entertains the Lafayette Citizens Band Audience

Caitlin Benner Big Swing Band Banner Dustin Hopkins
Above: Big Swing Band vocalists Caitlin Benner and Dustin Hopkins.

Paul Addison Mark Phillips Burt Etchison
Above: Soloists Paul Addison (trombone), Mark Phillips (trumpet) and Burt Etchison (alto sax).

Audience Jeff Goodspeed Big Swing Band
Left: Part of the audience at the Big Swing Band concert on August 4.
Center: Jeff Goodspeed, keyboard soloist.
Right: The Big Swing Band on the steps of Riehle Plaza.

Blue Shoes Joe Fisch Family Joe Fisch Daughter
Left: Is that a pair of blue suede shoes?
Center and right: Bari saxophonist Joe Fisch's family at the concert, listening and dancing to "In the Mood".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Lafayette Citizens Band Celebrates Good Times

Steve from Lions CLub Bob and Lions Club
Above: Steve and Bob from the Lions Club serve up popcorn at the Lafayette Citizens Band concert on July 28.

Sax soloist Trumpet soloist Brass section
Above: "Take the A Train", featuring saxophone and trumpet soloists, and the brass section.

Audience Reese Audience
Above: The audience enjoys the "Celebration" concert, including bass clarinetist
Don Daniel's great niece Reese, who helped Bill Kisinger conduct the band.

Clarinets Horns
Above: The clarinets and tympani playing on "Psyche and Eros".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Music for Winds

Lafayette Citizens Band Audience
Above: The Lafayette Citizens Band and the audience at the July 21 "Music for Winds" concert.

Clarinets playing 'Clarinet Candy' Bill Kisinger
Left: The clarinet section was featured in Leroy Anderson's "Clarinet Candy".
Right: Musical Director Bill Kisinger directs the band.
(Photos by Paul Addison)

What's Up at the Symphony?

Red Hat Ladies JC and Katie
Above: The Red Hat Ladies (left) and Katie and JC (right) enjoy the July 14 concert.

Whistler Reflection
Left: An audience member whistles along with the "Colonel Bogey March".
Right: A euphonium player is reflected in the bell of a tuba player.

Bill Kisinger Unusual Percussion
Left: Musical Director Bill Kisinger conducts the band in the "Second Suite in F" by Gustav Holst.
Right: Some unusual percussion was required for the Second Suite in F.

Horns Percussion Clarinets
Above: The horns, percussion and clarinets play the "Second Suite in F" at the "What's Up at the Symphony?" concert.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Fans Enjoy "Music for a Summer Evening" with the Lafayette Citizens Band

Sax Quintet Sax Quintet Sax Quintet
Above: The saxophone quintet, led by Beth Purkhiser, provided the pre-concert music on July 7.

Quinlan and Fabish Michael Plake on tuba
Left: Quinlan and Fabish music store handed out cookies and water to the audience.
Right: Michael Plake of the tuba section.

Audience Audience Audience
Above: The audience relaxes and listens to "Music for a Summer Evening".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

LCB, Freedom Singers, Long Center Show Choir, Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps
and the Weather Cooperate for a Glorious Stars and Stripes Concert

Stars and Stripes Concert Fireworks
Left: Cecil Shoemaker conducts the band and the Freedom Singers in the "Battle Hymn of the Republic".
Right: Fireworks lit up the sky after the concert.

Purdue Jazz Band Mo Trout and Mike Piggott
Left: Mo Trout conducts the Purdue Jazz Band.
Right: Mo Trout and Stars and Stripes announcer Mike Piggott.

Chad Downey Purdue Jazz Band Sarah Gustafson
Above: Soloists Chad Downey and Sarah Gustafson sing with the Purdue Jazz Band.

Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps
Above: The Tippecanoe Fife and Drum Corps entertained between the Purdue Jazz Band and the Lafayette Citizens Band.

Stars and Stripes Committee Percussion Section Jo Gelfand on the Chimes
Left: The Stars and Stripes Committee, including Mayor John Dennis of West Lafayette and Tony Roswarski of Lafayette.
Center: The LCB percussion section, with Freedom Singers behind and trombones in front.
Right: Jo Gelfand rings the chimes in the "1812 Overture".

Bill's Bones Bill's Bones
Above: Bill Kisinger's trombone sextet "Bill's Bones" performed "Birdland" and "Malaguena".

Long Center All-Star Show Choir Long Center All-Star Show Choir Long Center All-Star Show Choir
Above: The Long Center All-Star Show Choir, directed by Eric Van Cleave, performing hits by the Beach Boys.

Julia Colby Dustin Hopkins
Left: Julia Colby sang "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "God Bless America" with the band and the Freedom Singers.
Right: Dustin Hopkins sang Sinatra's "The Summer Wind" and Gershwin's "Love is Here to Stay".

Army veterans Marine veterans Air Force veterans Navy veterans
Above: Veterans from the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy were honored during the "Armed Forces Salute".

Bertucci family Diane and son Sisters Joy and Grace Bosma
Left: Three members of the Bertucci family (Margaret on bass clarinet, Ian and Jim on trombone, first and fourth from the right).
Center: Diane and her son enjoying the concert.
Right: Sisters Joy and Grace Bosma listening to Stars and Stripes Concert.

Cecil Shoemaker Freedom Singers Freedom Singers
Left: Cecil Shoemaker conducting the Freedom Singers in the "Battle Hymn of the Republic".
Center: The Lafayette Freedom Singers, while it was still light.
Right: The Freedom Singers helping out with "Sweet Caroline".

Bill Kisinger Jeff Parthun Bruck Knepper
Above: Bill Kisinger (LCB Musical Director), Jeff Parthun (percussionist) and Bruce Knepper (trumpeter).
(All photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

LCB Celebrates Our Proud Musical and Cultural Heritage

LionsClub Pam Nave gets popcorn
Left: The Lions Club provided popcorn for the "Proud Heritage" audience.
Right: Percussionist Pam Nave gets her popcorn.

Bob and guide dox Alex Bob and Carol Beth Purkhiser and Wes Taylor
Left: Bob with his guide dog Alex and puppy-in-training Kauffman.
Center: Fans Bob and Carol enjoy the popcorn and the concert.
Right: Saxophonists Beth Purkhiser and Wes Taylor provide pre-concert music.

Clarinets Jan Applegate Jim Wells
Left: The clarinet section playing the "Proud Heritage" march.
Center: Oboist Jan Applegate in the "English Folk Song Suite".
Right: Hornist Jim Wells in "Prariesong".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Purdue Band Legend Al G. Wright Honored on His 100th Birthday

Al Wright Poster Al Wright Conducting
Left: A poster from the Purdue Bands and Orchestras advertising the tribute to Al Wright.
Right: Al Wright, on his 100th birthday, conducting the band in the "Rolling Thunder March".

Fred and Lisa Coleen and Bridget Sundquist Audience for Al Wright Tribute Concert
Left: Fans Fred and Lisa enjoy the band concert.
Center: Coleen and Bridget Sundquist watch John Sundquist play euphonium with the band.
Right: The audience for the Al Wright Tribute concert.

Gladys and Al Wright Bruce and Kyle Knepper
Left: Gladys and Al Wright listening to the concert, waiting for their turns to conduct.
Right: Bruce Knepper and son Kyle playing some trumpet duets before the LCB concert.

Gladys Wright conducting Womens Band Directors
Left: Gladys Wright conducting her own composition, the "Big Bowl March".
Right: Members of the Womens Band Directors Association.

Trumpets play "Country and Western" DaveLepplaConducting
Left: The trumpets stand while playing "Country and Western".
Right: Former Purdue Bands director David Leppla conducting the "Introduction to Act III of Lohengrin".

Jay Gephart Conducting Audience stands for "Hail Purdue"
Left: Current Director of Purdue Bands Jay Gephart conducts the "Gold and Black Medley".
Right: The audience stands to sing "Hail Purdue".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

Citizens Band Honors the City of Lafayette

Mayors John Dennis and Tony Roswarski Audience for City Appreciation Night
Left: Mayors John Dennis of West Lafayette and Tony Roswarski about to lead the singalong of "Back Home Again in Indiana".
Right: The audience for the City Appreciation Night concert.

Pam Nave Percussion Instruments Percussion Section
Pam Nave describes the history of drumming and shows the instruments her percussion section plays.

Clarinets Flutes
The clarinet and flute sections of the Lafayette Citizens Band.

Saxophones Tubas
The saxophone and tuba sections of the band.
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

"America the Beautiful" Celebrates the USA and its Musical Heritage

Bill's Bones Bill's Bones
Bill's Bones Bill's Bones
Bill's Bones, a trombone sextet led by Bill Kisinger, started out Thursday's concert.
Personnel: Bill Kisinger, Jim and Ian Bertucci, Jim Hopkins, Matt Conaway, and Mike Wallyn.

Band Core Daniel Hallett
Left: The core of the band.
Right: West Lafayette High School alumnus Daniel Hallett on cymbals in the percussion section.

Bill Kisinger, LCB Musical Director Steve Cotten, Harrison HS
Left: A glimpse of clarinets and oboes, in Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4.
Right: The flute section, including Ruth and Elizabeth Ewigleben.

Bill Kisinger, LCB Musical Director Steve Cotten, Harrison HS
Left: Part of the clarinet section playing the Adirondack Festival Overture.
Right: The euphonium section of the Lafayette Citizens Band.
(Pictures by Kris Kazmierczak)

High School Night Features Bright Young Talent

Bill Kisinger, LCB Musical Director Steve Cotten, Harrison HS
Left: LCB Musical Director Bill Kisinger and the High School Night Audience.
Right: Harrison High School Director Steve Cotten conducts "The Army of the Nile".

Joel Good, Rossville HS Michael Richardson, Benton Central HS
Left: Rossville High School Director Joel Good conducts "Ammerland".
Right: Benton Central High School Director Michael Richardson conducts "Toccata for Band".

Don Pettit, West Lafayette HS Dan Peo, McCutcheon HS
Left: West Lafayette High School Director Don Pettit conducts "What Happens in Band Stays in Band".
Right: McCutcheon High School Director Dan Peo conducts "Summer Resounding".

McCutcheon HS Students Tom Barker, Jefferson HS
Left: Students from McCutcheon High School stand for recognition from the audience.
Right: Jefferson High School Director Tom Barker conducts "American Barndance".

2016 Season Off to a Grand Start

Memorial Day Audience Keith Adams and Bill Kisinger
Left: The audience for the Memorial Day season opening concert at Riehle Plaza.
Right: LCB Board President Keith Adams and Musical Director Bill Kisinger.

Young fan with a flag Young fan in a dress Young fan on dad's shoulders
Young fans enjoying the Memorial Day concert.

Veterans honored during Armed Forces Salute Veterans honored during Armed Forces Salute
Veterans honored during Armed Forces Salute Veterans honored during Armed Forces Salute
Veterans of all service branches were honored during the Armed Forces Salute.
(Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy)

Trumpets during Stars and Stripes Forever Piccolos during Stars and Stripes Forever
The trumpet and piccolo sections stand during the "Stars and Stripes Forever".
(Photos by Kris Kazmierczak)

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